The experts in retirement preparation.

Lots of experience tells us that if you go into (semi) retirement unprepared then you are much more likely to be unhappy, & ultimately unhealthy.

We have the national & international experts who will help you to create your happiest & healthiest retirement.

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Our Value

More Clarity

Fear & uncertainty can lead to “clinging on” which helps neither the member of staff (or director), nor the business.

No Cliff Edges

A “cliff edge” (or leap into the unknown)  retirement is usually the worst possible start and can result in psychological and physical health issues. We’ll definitely help your staff to avoid that.

Better Advocates

People who have been helped by their firms into happy retirement, or semi-retirement, are better adverts for your business and more willing advocates.

The Definitive Pre-Retirement Programme

Our aim has been to create a programme that delivers the absolute best in class practitioners who can guide people on that vital journey towards retirement.

The best in the UK and also experts from across the world.

Delivered in bite-sized chunks over a number of sessions and with enough time for the group to cohere and be of mutual support.

New Beginnings
Multi-Session Programme

We meet, as a group of 12 participants maximum, once each week, for five weeks.

Each session focuses on one particular area, led by a genuine expert in their field. Also, in each session, we have a segment led by someone who is a few years into their retirement or semi-retirement, to relate their experiences including successes and missteps.

All of the sessions are very conversational and collegiate in style and are held in a beautiful central Edinburgh location.

Psychological adjustment

With Linda Blair, who is the “go to” psychologist  as the expert on psychological adjustment for retirement. Linda looks at the best ways to successfully transition from full-time work, “the 6 week dip”, (re)creating structure whilst allowing spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family. Linda is frequently called upon by national and international media for comment on retirement & wider psychological issues.

Plan your physical wellbeing

With Prof Clive Bowman. Through a series of vignettes & challenges, Clive will endeavour to help you plan your future rather than be its victim. Clive addresses topics that we don’t often talk about but does so in a fun & engaging way. Expect the unexpected.

Real retirement experiences

Led by Celia Dodd. Celia is an author and journalist who has developed a particular depth of experience in researching and writing about retirement. Catalysed by her own father’s very unhappy retirement she set about discovering the ingredients for an enjoyable, and long, retirement. Her latest book is  “Not Fade Away – How To Thrive In Retirement”.


With Prof Leslie Martin, one of the authors of “The Longevity Project”. Leslie joins us from the USA to provide insights from this world renowned research. The project followed 1,500 bright children from age 10 to death & has revealed some startling insights as to who lives longest & why. Debunk some conventional wisdom.

Back to psychology

To round out the programme we hold a final session with Linda Blair to address possibly the most important, and most often problematic, aspect of retirement, the psychological adjustments. A conversational format with plenty of opportunities for your questions and Linda’s thoughts.

Transition into a fulfilling and healthy retirement is the most valuable gift you could give your staff.