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Psychological adjustment, physical health, improved longevity & creating an enjoyable retirement.

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Psychological adjustment

It's a really big deal moving from the structure & roles of working life into retirement. You might think that you'll be fine, but it's dangerous unless you've really thought it through.


Adding "good living" to a longer life needs a bit of planning and application. We have the experts who can hopefully help you to live longer & fill those extra years with "life".

Designing your best retirement

Our experts have heard the retirement experiences of hundreds of people including successes & mistakes. We can help you to shortcut towards your best retirement.


Do you know what the best predictor of your longevity would have been in childhood? It's never too late to be aware of what behaviours might lengthen, or shorten, your longevity. We have the expert whose done the gold standard research in this area.

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Our Value

Remove Apprehension

Fear & uncertainty can lead to “clinging on” which helps neither the individual, nor their business.

Remove Cliff Edges

A “cliff edge” (or leap into the unknown)  retirement is usually the worst possible start and can result in psychological and physical health issues. We’ll help you to avoid that.

Introduce Enjoyment

Our purpose is to give you the tools & the help of experts such that your retirement becomes something that you are looking forward to, because you are equipped to make it long & enjoyable.

Gold Standard Pre-Retirement Help

Over the last few years we’ve sought out & brought together the most experienced experts in retirement preparation. Experts from the UK in particular, but also further afield..

Before the pandemic we delivered this as a programme to small groups, over one or two days. The move to online meetings catalysed us change to an online delivery model. So now we are able to offer the same experts but on a one to one basis, wherever you are in the world.

New Beginnings in Retirement

Choose All, or Some, Of These

delivered by experts


With psychologist, Linda Blair, look at the best ways to successfully transition from full-time work, “the 6 week dip”, (re)creating structure whilst allowing spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family.


A one of a kind session with Prof Clive Bowman. Through stories, challenges & gently helping you to think about health & mortality (don't worry it won't hurt) he will help you plan your future rather than be its victim. Clive addresses topics that we don’t often talk about but does so in a fun & engaging way. Clive aims to help you live longer & have more "life" in those extra years.

Designing your best retirement

Celia Dodd has written & researched extensively on retirement, largely catalysed by her own father's less than great experience. At the heart of Celia's approach is that "cookie cutter" approaches aren't the answer. Explore your particular concerns, findinew purpose and meaning.


Prof Leslie Martin, one of the authors of “The Longevity Project” will guide you through the fascinating gold-standard research on who lives longest, & why. Whilst Leslie's session is necessarily mostly about what "on average" leads to longer life you can check out with her what the research might have to say about your personal circumstances. A fascinating piece of research & many of the findings are far from obvious!

Transition into a fulfilling and healthy retirement is the most valuable gift you could give your pre-retirement staff.