Going Virtual & One to One


The Retirement Practice has listened to what you've asked for and changed our business model accordingly. We are now offering one to one sessions via video so we can serve you wherever you are around the world.

The change in working practices that came about during the pandemic lockdowns has finally had its effect upon us at The Retirement Practice. And this rethink is opening up fantastic new opportunities.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I’m a fan of physical, in-person meetings, and that is the format that we adopted pre-pandemic. It did however bring with it certain “challenges”, for instance making sure that we had sufficient participants all available on the same day, to gather at the same place, and the issue of bringing together our team of experts who live across the UK (and in the case of Prof Leslie Martin in California – but Leslie only ever joined us via video).

Since the pandemic catalysed the move toward more video meetings our clients have been asking whether we will run our programme on a more “virtual” basis.

A look at our website will show that we’ve now fully embraced the virtual approach and it is delivering very significant benefits to our clients.

  • we are now able to offer one to one sessions, which means that you’ve got the undivided attention of our experts and, as retirement-related issues can be quite private, you won’t be airing them in a roomful of colleagues.
  • we have been able to reconfigure such that you can buy into as many or as few sessions as you want, with our various experts. So the fee investment can be really low.
  • we can reach a much wider audience, we are no longer restricted to participants who can make it to London or Edinburgh; participants are welcome from across the world. Join us from the comfort of your own home.

Do take a look at our pre-retirement sessions with national and international experts.