Author of “Not Fade Away” and Journalist

Celia Dodd is the author of a best-selling book about retirement, “Not Fade Away: How to thrive in retirement”, which has been serialised in the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. The Independent described “Not Fade Away” as “Optimistic and clever, this may be the wisest book on reaching a pensionable age.” 

Celia appears regularly on BBC radio to talk about retirement and other issues that affect the over-50s, including the empty nest, which was the subject of her previous book, “The Empty Nest: Your Changing Family, Your New Direction”. She has also contributed to discussions on ITV and BBC television.

As well as writing books, Celia is a journalist with over 30 years’ experience of writing for The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail and Radio Times. Her journalism focusses on relationships, health, education and celebrity interviews with, among others, Lou Reed and Gordon Ramsay. Her new book, “All Grown Up”, about parenting adult children, is published in June 2022.

Celia is a graduate from Oxford University.