Retirement Sugar Rush


Psychologists recognise the first six to 12 months of retirement as the potential "sugar rush period", the time when everything can feel fantastic, but a dip might just be around the corner.

Beware the sugar rush and almost inevitable dip of early retirement.

The “rush” relates to that initial period when you are just delighted that you haven’t got to slog into work on the crowded commuter train, haven’t got to sit through interminable meetings that decide nothing but that you can get up when you want, can go on holiday when you want and can take up stand up paddleboarding, if you want.

But within those new-found freedoms may lurk the seeds of the dip, the depression due to lack of purpose.

This is far less likely to be an issue if you’ve adopted a gentle glideslope towards retirement and that’s been of your own volition. But if your “retirement” was a bit sudden or not of your choosing then beware the sugar rush and dip.

The answer seems to bear a remarkable similarity to healthy eating – no sudden changes, gently ease into the new regime if you can.