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Our experts cover pretty well all of the ground that you’d expect for creating a happy & long retirement. But we don’t get involved in pensions or financial planning.

Now that we are able to offer sessions on a 1:1 basis via live video you can construct your own programme & you can address each area in the order that suits you.

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delivered by experts


With psychologist, Linda Blair, look at the best ways to successfully transition from full-time work, “the 6 week dip”, (re)creating structure whilst allowing spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family.


A one of a kind session with Prof Clive Bowman. Through stories, challenges & gently helping you to think about health & mortality (don't worry it won't hurt) he will help you plan your future rather than be its victim. Clive addresses topics that we don’t often talk about but does so in a fun & engaging way. Clive aims to help you live longer & have more "life" in those extra years.

Designing your best retirement

Celia Dodd has written & researched extensively on retirement, largely catalysed by her own father's less than great experience. At the heart of Celia's approach is that "cookie cutter" approaches aren't the answer. Explore your particular concerns, find new purpose and meaning.


Prof Leslie Martin, one of the authors of “The Longevity Project” will guide you through the fascinating gold-standard research on who lives longest, & why. Whilst Leslie's session is necessarily mostly about what "on average" leads to longer life you can check out with her what the research might have to say about your personal circumstances. A fascinating piece of research & many of the findings are far from obvious!

We recommend three sessions As a Minimum

You Can Always Add some more, Later

Whilst it’s fine to just invest in a single session of your choosing, we strongly recommend that you invest in the following three sessions as a minimum. Choose from “Thinking About Transition” with Linda Blair, “Health & Longer Life” with Prof Clive Bowman, “Designing Your Best Retirement” with Celia Dodd & “Longevity, Who Lives Longest?” with Prof Leslie Martin.  In fact you might well find that want to add follow up sessions with one or more of these, that’s fine.

A Single Session

If you just want to dip your toe in with a single session then that's great. We hope that you'll be delighted & want to come back for more.


3 Sessions

We recommend at least three sessions as that's the minimum to cover all of the key areas. This includes a small discount.


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No payment is required at this stage.