Our Programme

Our programme runs over five sessions, each led by the expert in that field. Each session also includes time with a recent retiree to understand his or her story – what they’ve got right & what they could have done better.

5 Unique Sessions

Five unique sessions, each addressing a really important aspect of your wellbeing, happiness, mental & physical health during retirement. Also, running across the sessions we introduce you to people who have retired, or semi-retired, fairly recently to explore how their journeys have evolved, warts & all.

Please note that we aren’t financial planners & we don’t attempt to offer any advice around the financial aspects of pensions, saving, investments or similar. Generally, our participants have already addressed, or are addressing, these aspects with other specialists.

1. Thinking of transition

With psychologist, Linda Blair, we look at the best ways to successfully transition from full-time work, “the 6 week dip”, (re)creating structure whilst allowing spontaneity & developing healthy relationships with friends & family.

2. A glimpse into your future

A one of a kind session led by Prof Clive Bowman. Through a series of vignettes & challenges, he will endeavour to help you plan your future rather than be its victim. Clive addresses topics that we don’t often talk about but does so in a fun & engaging way. Expect the unexpected.

3. Your potential Longevity

Prof Leslie Martin,  one of the authors of “The Longevity Project” joins us from the USA to lead a session via live video. The project followed 1,500 bright children from age 10 to death & has revealed some startling insights as to who lives longest & why. Debunk some conventional wisdom.

4. Other People's stories

Celia Dodd is an acclaimed journalist & author who, several years ago was catalysed to look closely at retirement, as her own father’s retirement was unhappy & short. Celia shares with us the stories & the lessons learnt from interviewing over sixty people from a range of professions about their experiences of retirement. She also spoke to academics at the cutting edge of research into the emotional, psychological and practical challenges of retirement and how individuals can successfully negotiate them. The result was her book “Not Fade Away”.

5. Bringing it all together

For our final session we regroup with Linda Blair, to gently remind us (& nudge us) to address the decisions that will define our transition into (semi) retirement. Another opportunity to question one of the leading experts about how you can optimise for loss of the structure of the work day with the creation of different structure.

And through it all

In addition to the topics noted above, & led by our experts, at each session we will have a retiree to share their story. Someone who is maybe a few years ahead in their journey, who is happy to share their experiences. What’s gone well, what’s not gone so well. These aren’t “sages” who have all the answers, just people, like you, who are happy to share their experiences.