Your 8 Year Old Self


Did you have a favorite passion or pastime when you were around the ages of 7-9? If so you'd probably spend hours doing it and have no idea of how much time had passed. You were "in flow".

The chances are that, even though you didn’t know it, at around the age of 8 or 9 you were “in flow”. Or that’s what a current day psychologist would call it!

You could apply yourself to something (Lego, dance, cycling, football, playing with your dolls house or whatever) for hours and hours on end. You’d have to be called tp lunch or tea because you had no idea what the time was.

Being “in flow” is really important. And in retirement you are much more likely to have an enjoyable time if you spend at least some of your time “in flow”.

Maybe it will be sailing, painting, studying something you’ve long wanted to know more about, photography, reading or 1,001 other possibilities.

Some people enter retirement knowing what their passion is, but for many others, maybe particularly people who’ve had to devote most of their time to work or caring, or both, they will need to discover a new passion.

We are here to help on that one.